[lug] DLink Wireless AP

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Thu Feb 22 13:22:10 MST 2001

Well, we just got the DLink AP, and I just plugged it in and it started
working.  No problems at all, except that I had to eject and re-insert my
card.  I've got the network set up for DHCP, and it picks it up and uses
the 10.* addresses with no problems.

The documentation and packaging are much superior to the Addtron, and the
pricing is very similar.  The only advantage to the Addtron is that
it uses a BNC-connection for the antenna, so one could, in theory, put
a different/better antenna on it.  The unfortunate thing is that it seems
like it needs it -- the Addtron will barely go from our upstairs computer
room to the other end of our main level...  I'll have to see if the DLink
is any better.

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 you can educate.  -- Rob Pike
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