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Brian R. Stamper brianstamper at smartsbroadcast.com
Thu Feb 22 14:22:16 MST 2001

Right I get the prompt but only if I do a /location/of/apache/bin/apache...
Useing just a regular start command will not start the SSL for some reason?
Just looked at the error_log and when I start using startssl the actual
apache server doesn't start and I'm getting an error Faild to configure CA
certificate chain?  Any guesses?  I'm going to go look for that in the
httpd.conf first here.
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On Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 02:52:38PM -0600, Brian R. Stamper wrote:
> Both of the SSLPassPhraseDialog and the SSLRandomSeed are set to builtin
> there there in the httpd.conf.  As for the virtualhost I'm not sure its
> up so I'll go through and give it a try the httpd.conf does have a sample
> virtualhost that I can make my changes to.  Thanks so much!!
> Brian

So you get prompted for a passphrase on server startup? That's a good
sign. You don't need a Virtual Host BTW, you can also set up
SSL on a per-location basis. The important thing to remember is that
you set up the server to listen on port 443. This is the port
the browser contacts when you enter a 'https://...' URL.

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