[lug] SPAM (was: email mystery)

Deva Samartha blug-receive at mtbwr.net
Fri Feb 23 08:22:37 MST 2001

Sign up (free at the moment) for spamcop.com, they email you an URL and 
then you just paste the whole email with full headers into a window and 
they do all the parsing and reporting.

I am doing it pretty religiously. The pain are the html emails. With that, 
I make a big window, 165 rows x 200+ columns and vi the email, write chunks 
of 165 lines to files, then cut the files from the commandline and paste it 
into the small spamcop report window. It's a pain doing it that way but 5 
pages of  html from Argentina which I get pretty regular from different 
sources make me pretty mad.

What really concerns me to some degree (I am using only throwaway email 
addresses there) are the naked email addresses in the lug mail archives. If 
an email harvester discovers that - must think, he hit the jackpot!


At 07:33 AM 2/23/01 -0700, you wrote:
>This site has good information about spam, how to read email headers, how 
>to report, etc., etc.
>I started doing a bunch of "reporting" a while back, but found it to be a 
>major time sink. :(
>So...I've since given up on that, too much a pain in the a** for me. ;)
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