[lug] Can't determine library version.(rpm)

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Fri Feb 23 12:32:06 MST 2001

I keep getting

FATAL: cannot determine library version

when installing via rpm. I tried --rebuilddb and it returns the same.
This is a standard upgrade from the 6.1 (RH) distro to KRUD 7. I haven't
had a chance to screw anything up yet. I installed 6.1 then upgraded
immediately to KRUD7. Had to do it this way because it's the only way I
could install a dual boot (without having LILO problems).

ld.so.conf has:


I did compile kernel 2.4 and install that.

Anyone know how I can fix this? I thought it was referring to glibc when
installing something else but I compiled the same app myself from the
tarball and everything was fine.



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