[lug] Monitor/Card tweaking - was Re: Color tweaks

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Fri Feb 23 13:55:50 MST 2001

No extension. The monitor is a CompUSA SKU#206215 made by Pixie. Sorry about the
vagueness but "no-namer" wouldn't suffice :}. the URL for it is

Video card is an S3 Virge GX/DX .

I have an old IBM PS/1 here that looks a helluva lot better than this monitor
(barring the size).

Thanks again,


"D. Stimits" wrote:

> John Starkey wrote:
> >
> > Thanks Dan and Tkil. After a lot of playing around I've determined I need to
> > get a new monitor. Even the best color I can get still looks foggy. I swore
> > that once or twice I had decent color but it's hard to judge without a ref
> > point after all this. I did manage to get better color than Windoze :}
> One thing that matters in addition to the monitor is the video card, and
> whether you're using a video cable extension. What video card and
> monitor do you have? Do you have an extension for the video cable?

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