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Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Fri Feb 23 17:46:54 MST 2001

How about Reiserfs?  I wonder about the performance of those snap servers.
Can they get close to a decent SCSI system with multiple user access?  I
haven't tested those little wonder boxes yet.

My current file server has a little over .25Tb and it shows 100+ files
accessed at any given time.  The performance has been rock solid over the
past 2.5 years.  No downtime at all (except to grow disk space and for
system upgrades).  All of my clients are Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000).  The
cost was very low - but we don't have hardware RAID for drive redundancy.
All the disks are 10 kRPM ULTRA-LVD (80 and 160 MB/s).  Restores from the
DAT library are very quick, thanks to QFA (quick file access).


Rob Riggs wrote:

> My favorite costs lots more than $15K for .5Tb. NetApps ain't cheap.
> For something in that price range, look at the Quantuum Snap Servers.
> They do NFS and CIFS using IDE drives in multiple possible RAID
> configurations (and JBOD). You can definitely get the capacity you need
> within your price range, though it will span multiple units. I think
> 240MB is their single largest unit still. We've got a couple in light
> duty use.
> http://www.snapserver.com/
> You are going quite cheap with a budget of 15K.
> I hate to say it, but I would stay away from Linux solutions (at least
> 32-bit Linux solutions) for this sort of thing. The 2GB file size limit
> is a killer these days. It has bitten me a number of times recently. And
> you really need fast recovery when the thing crashes. A fsck on a .5Tb
> partition would take a little longer than you might be comfortable with.
> Large file size support and a journalled file system useable with NFS
> would make me rethink this position.
> "Stephen G. Smith" wrote:
> > Can anyone recommend their favorite Network Attached Storage unit?
> > Up front I need 350 to 450 Gigabyte with extra bays for growth.
> > Need connectivity support for IRIX, Linux, and Windows (SMB).
> > I have found so many to choose from I though the experts here might
> > have like one or the other better..
> >
> > This project does not require NAS and could go with external server
> > attached..
> > Would like to stay under $15,000
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Stephen
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