[lug] /var/log/messages

Hugh Brown hugh at vecna.com
Sat Feb 24 06:31:29 MST 2001

This is a little interesting.  I have all messages going to /var/log/cron (it was the
default setup) and yet I still have the *.info line and no cron line.  Anyone know
where the behavior is being modified?


"Thomas R. Detman"
> Thanks and I'm a little embarrased. I tried the suggestion; it did't
> change what was going into "/var/log/messages", but it did lead me to
> discover the man page for syslog.conf. The cause of the cron messages
> going into /var/log/messages was the following line in syslog.conf:
> *.info;mail.none;news.none;authpriv.none 	    /var/log/messages
> I changed it to:
> *.info;mail.none;news.none;authpriv.none;cron.none  /var/log/messages
> That fixed it. The suggested line causes all cron messages to go
> into /var/log/cron, that's good since I stopped them from going into
> /var/log/messages, finally.  
> Thanks, Tom
> > I would try adding this to syslog.conf to start with:
> > 
> > cron.*          /var/log/cron
> > 
> > Hugh

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