[lug] USB Mice and Linux

lpotter ljp at llornkcor.com
Sun Feb 25 11:20:17 MST 2001

>And most importantly: never buy anything USB again. USB is bad on Macs
>and worse on PCs. If possible, find a converter from USB to PS/2. That's
>what my wireless Logitec mouse comes with and it's a lifesaver.

Alot of new hardware is USB. When it works correctly, its a breeze to setup.
Just plug the thing in.
I don't use any USB devices on my linux boxes, but have some for windows, 
and they seem to function within parameters.
Saying don't buy anything USB is like saying don't buy anything thats 
plug-n-pray, or don't buy serial mice, or don't buy Fords.
Like anything, hardware sometimes takes a little coaching.

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