[lug] Allowing Users to Supermount

SoloCDM deedsmis at aculink.net
Sun Feb 25 19:27:48 MST 2001

How do I allow specified users access to a supermounted cdrom

Every time I "ls -A" /[mount_directory], from a user account,
I get: ls: /[mount_directory]: Permission denied.  I tried adding
permissions for the user to group adm, disk, cdrom.  I changed the
permissions for /dev/hdd to 666, 644, 655.  I tried mounting the
cdrom with supermount disabled and I get: mount: /dev/hdd already
mounted or /[mount_directory] busy.  The first bit, after switching
everything back to the original settings, is set to: brw-------,
which I surmised must be the reason for the "busy" message, because
I didn't find any reference for "b".

BTW, what is the chmod mode or octal_mode for "b"?

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