[lug] Re: [NCLUG] USB Mice and Linux

Matt Taggart matt at lackof.org
Sun Feb 25 15:01:06 MST 2001

Prescott Oelke writes...

>  I just bought a USB Logitech wheel mouse. I have the SuSE 6.4 distribution
> with USB support. When I start the install everything goes smoothly. SuSE
> detects my mouse and I can use it for the GUI install. After install SuSE
> drops me into KDM to log in to X, and everything works fine, until I
> shutdown the computer and reboot. I get no errors in the bootup process but
> my mouse does not work.

What kernel does this version of SuSe use? Does it use a kernel with the old 
sucky USB support or a >=2.2.18 with the 2.4 backported USB?

>  I have tried copiling a new kernel (both from the SuSE distribution and the
> 2.4 kernel) to the same effect. The 2.4 kernel won't even load the USB
> controller driver. I am hoping that it's something simple that I have
> overlooked. Does anyone have any ideas?

What modules do you have loaded? Do you get any beeps when you plug it in? 
What's the output in syslog?

I was having problems getting the modules to autoload properly, so I admitted 
defeat and load some of them on boot. Some day I'll go back and do it the 
"Right Way"(tm).

Matt Taggart
matt at lackof.org

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