[lug] superblock erased by windows. Help!

Jesus Molina chus at Glue.umd.edu
Mon Feb 26 17:58:47 MST 2001


I am using lilo ina a pentium 3 Intellistation, I have 

win 98 in /dev/sda1, partition id 6 (DOS 16-bit >=32M
linux native in /dev/sda2  id 83 (Linux native)
swap in /dev/sda3	id 82 (Linux swap)
WIN 95 FAT32(LBA) in /dev/sda4 id 0c, for storing windows data

After runnig a mpg in windows, my computer crashed
I cannot boot linux anymore. Lilo works, but linux does not finf

Booting  Using TOMsrtbt, and running fdisk:

VFS: Wrong blocksize on device 08:00
VFS: Wrong blocksize on device 08:00
LL_RW_BLOCK: DEVICE 08:00: only 512-char blocks implemented (1024)

Trying e2fsck
e2fsck: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sda2

I have really important data in that partition. So i will truly appreciate
any help in recovering ot.
Anyway, How It comes that win98 can crash linux only trying to run a



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