[lug] Request for ISP information

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Mon Feb 26 22:04:50 MST 2001

> Bob Collins wrote:
> > I am ready to change my ISP.  I live in Longmont.  I will be using a
> > dialup modem.  I would appreciate hearing about the ISP you like.
> >

I have been using Fairplay communications (fpcc.net) for about 1.5 years.
They are a small ISP (nationwide but small).  Their service is decent - I
had very few service problems.  They seem to disconnect you if your line
has been sitting idle for a while (30 min or so).  This has never bothered
me though.  They do offer shell accounts with your dial-up service, which a
use quite a bit.  Their systems seem to run Linux.  I also like their easy
to remember web addresses (http://yourAccount.fpcc.net).
I am also noticing that my fpcc.net account gets close to zero spam!  They
must do some filtering.
Very nice folks - one of them is a member on this list and I have never
seen him take advantage of this list to advertise his business!


Ferdinand Schmid
303-444-4149 x231

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