[lug] superblock erased by windows. Help!

Deva Samartha blug-receive at mtbwr.net
Mon Feb 26 22:33:32 MST 2001

man e2fsck:

        e2fsck - check a Linux second extended file system
        e2fsck  [  -pacnyrdfvstFSV ] [ -b superblock ] [ -B block­
        size ] [ -l|-L bad_blocks_file ] [ -C fd ] device
        e2fsck is used to check a Linux second extended file  sys­
        device is  the  special  file  corresponding to the device
               (e.g /dev/hdc1).
        -a     This option does the same thing as the  -p  option.
               It is provided for backwards compatibility only; it
               is suggested that people  use  -p  option  whenever
        -b superblock
               Instead  of  using  the  normal  superblock, use an
               alternative  superblock  specified  by  superblock.
               This  option  is  normally  used  when  the primary
               superblock has  been  corrupted;  most  filesystems
               have  primary  superblocks  located at blocks 8193,
               16385, etc.  If an alternative superblock is speci­
               fied  and  the  filesystem is not opened read-only,
               e2fsck will make sure that the  primary  superblock
               is  updated  appropriately  upon  completion of the
               filesystem check.

If your main superblock is hosed, use an alternate superblock with the -b 
option. It works, I did it  - once.


At 07:58 PM 2/26/01 -0500, you wrote:

>I am using lilo ina a pentium 3 Intellistation, I have
>win 98 in /dev/sda1, partition id 6 (DOS 16-bit >=32M
>linux native in /dev/sda2  id 83 (Linux native)
>swap in /dev/sda3       id 82 (Linux swap)
>WIN 95 FAT32(LBA) in /dev/sda4 id 0c, for storing windows data
>After runnig a mpg in windows, my computer crashed
>I cannot boot linux anymore. Lilo works, but linux does not finf
>Booting  Using TOMsrtbt, and running fdisk:
>VFS: Wrong blocksize on device 08:00
>VFS: Wrong blocksize on device 08:00
>LL_RW_BLOCK: DEVICE 08:00: only 512-char blocks implemented (1024)
>Trying e2fsck
>e2fsck: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sda2
>I have really important data in that partition. So i will truly appreciate
>any help in recovering ot.
>Anyway, How It comes that win98 can crash linux only trying to run a
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