[lug] Request for ISP information

Kirk Rafferty kirk at fpcc.net
Tue Feb 27 09:57:54 MST 2001

On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 06:08:34AM -0700, Calvin Dodge wrote:
> And once in a while the mail server seems to go catatonic.

I think we've got the mailserver problems ironed out.  Hopefully that won't
be an issue anymore.  We're also upgrading some hardware (primary mailserver
being one of them) around the beginning of 2nd quarter.

> Yes, when Kirk commented on spam blocking methods, I knew he knew what he was
> talking about, based on the tiny amount of spam which I've seen.

We use ORBS and RBL.  If mail logs are any indication, we nab a huge amount
of spam up front.  We've been running RBL for almost 2 years, and have only
had one complaint.  A customer couldn't receive email from an ISP that had
been blocked for having an open relay.  A call to that ISP's support line
got the problem fixed within the week.

To anyone running mailservers, RBL is a must.  ORBS is nice too, but it
stops only a fraction of what RBL nabs.  http://mail-abuse.org/rss.

> Kirk (kirk at fpcc.net) IS a nice guy, and usually responds quickly to email
> requests (most recently at around 8 p.m. - don't you have a life, Kirk?  ;^)

Life...isn't that a cereal? :-)


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