[lug] Help for Parsing Shell script

Marco Garutti garutti at libero.it
Tue Feb 27 04:49:19 MST 2001

I'm Marco Garutti, writing from Tecnoform S.p.A. (Italy)
I need to create a shell script that parse an .htm file and add it lines, via echo
The problem is that echo doesn't reproduce my input as it is.
For example, a string that i read like:
                                                      ^[^LNS / NR.ID:  IT0051369
after echo becomes:

^[^LNS / NR.ID:  IT00513691204

that is wrong, for what I'm looking.

And again, how to grep a substring parsing lines; when I find out it I have to add on other lines.

I'm not so expert using Unix script language so I'm asking for help.
Thanks in advice.
Marco Garutti

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