Works! (was: Re: [lug] AHA3940UW RH & tape drive)

Anders Knudsen andersk at
Tue Feb 27 21:37:40 MST 2001

Just a quick update. That was it.
Since this was an "ide" only setup, I had no initrd in /boot
I did a mkinitrd on the kernel, added the image file to lilo.conf, and 
"lilo -v"...that did it.
Now when the machine boots, it regonizes and installs the tape drive to 
/dev/st0! :)


 >> On 16 Feb 2001, at 18:17, Calvin Dodge wrote:
 >> >
 >> > Anders - is the SCSI kernel module in an initial ramdisk?  I believe you
 >> > need that to be the case.
 >> Ah. It is not. This system was an IDE only system until I put the SCSI
 >> adapter in it. Will give that a shot.
 >Let me if that works for you.

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