[lug] Juno's new "service"

Prescott Oelke panick at excite.com
Wed Feb 28 09:41:20 MST 2001

 Has anyone read the new terms of service for Juno's "free" internet access?
They're insane! Agreeing to the TOS permits Juno to use your system as a
distributed network computer for Juno's own purposes. Under the TOS you must
leave your system running all the time, allow the system to make calls and
connect to Juno whenever the software needs it (paying the costs yourself if
it's a long distance call), and you are not allowed to investigate what your
computer is doing at all. Furthermore, under the TOS, Turning off your
system, even if it's just for servicing purposes, gives Juno the right to
cancel your service. If the software crashes and eats all your data, tough
luck, the TOS absolves Juno of any liability. What a crock! And I thought
the people at M$ were insane.

Prescott Oelke

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