[lug] Juno's new "service"

celttechie (Brian Jarrett) celttechie at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 1 01:56:04 MST 2001

Could you provide a link to the actual TOS please?  or copy it to a posting?
I have some friends that my be interested in the info.


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> Has anyone read the new terms of service for Juno's "free" internet
> They're insane! Agreeing to the TOS permits Juno to use your system as a
> distributed network computer for Juno's own purposes. Under the TOS you
> leave your system running all the time, allow the system to make calls and
> connect to Juno whenever the software needs it (paying the costs yourself
> it's a long distance call), and you are not allowed to investigate what
> computer is doing at all. Furthermore, under the TOS, Turning off your
> system, even if it's just for servicing purposes, gives Juno the right to
> cancel your service. If the software crashes and eats all your data, tough
> luck, the TOS absolves Juno of any liability. What a crock! And I thought
> the people at M$ were insane.
> Prescott Oelke
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