[lug] Juno's new "service"

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Wed Feb 28 12:52:12 MST 2001

"Scott A. Herod" wrote:
> "D. Stimits" wrote:
> >
> > It sounds like TOS is making a bargain that requires payment from the
> > user, despite the payment not being cash (they have agreed to provide a
> > benfit if the user pays by providing service of some sort). Juno had
> > better hope the IRS doesn't decide to audit them, and their contract
> > doesn't get tested in court. It could be painful.
> >
> I wonder if you can put a concrete value on computer cycles and disk
> space.  Surely so.  It makes me remember the "bananas" accounting that
> Ga. Tech did for mainframe time back in about 1980.

It wouldn't be difficult to find equivalent costs of hosting services
for some aspects, such as disk usage, bandwidth, so on. I wonder though
what price a hosting service would consider if the client says "you're
not allowed to observe what I do, you have to keep your eyes shut and
pretend you don't see what I'm doing".

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