[lug] TSIG overflow

charles at lunarmedia.net charles at lunarmedia.net
Wed Feb 28 17:19:51 MST 2001

> I'm forced to wonder why they want you to demonstrate the exploit.  Are
> they planning on trying to make use of it, or do they not believe you
> that it's possible?

	your wonder is the reason why i started my first post the way
	i did. the clients i am dealing with host a myriad of sites on
	several linux boxes which were extremely out of date. i am not
	really certain if they are in the mood of "prove it!" or hope
	to use the same exploit on some else. they've come threatening
	that it was our network's security that left them vulnerable,
	and they are planning on pulling their service if we can't
	prove otherwise. i've pointed them to the docs on cert, but i'm
	dealing with a very hard-headed group.

	i have no plans of putting the code into their hands, but i'm
	not willing to let their monthly revenue leave the company on
	account of this request. if they had asked for the code, i would
	question their motive. right now, i think they are in a bit of
	shock, and have never really seen a box compromised. if i could
	tell you their root password, you'd understand that these guys
	arent techies that got into business, but business grads that
	got into tech.

	i can understand the hesitation and the raised eyebrows concerning
	the question, but i'm a network/linux admin working for a legit
	company that needs to prove a point. i appreciate the concern and
	would probably have the same reaction.

	regards, -cjm

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