[lug] LNE100TX AGAIN

Young, Ed Ed.Young at echostar.com
Thu Mar 1 14:44:47 MST 2001

If it's the same card I'm thinking it is, it is supported in the 2.4.x
series kernels "out of the box". You'll need to recompile a kernel with
"tulip" support. I compile it into the kernel instead of as a module. 

To run it in the 2.2.x series you need a different tulip driver. The Linux
driver is shipped with the card on it's driver disks but if you don't have
those I can get it to ya. Then you just need to swap the file with
/usr/src/linux/drivers/net/tulip.c and then recompile. 

I've got two machines running those cards and they are fine.

I'll repost when I get home and can get at the driver. 


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> I got a free 10 pack of these Linksys cards and would like to start using 
> them..
> What does a man have to do to get these cards working?
> I have tried every trick written to get the modules to load..
> I am using the latest KRUD on 2 old P 200s and could write a book
> of all of the error messages under all of the different configurations
> I have tried?
> Can anyone help?
> What do you need ot know?
> Should I just go back to using my Intel NIC stock?
> Stephen
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