[lug] pda

Holshouser, David dholshou at ball.com
Thu Mar 1 17:27:52 MST 2001

I'm starting to think about buying myself a PDA of somekind.
After two minutes of thought, I start figuring that a Palm may 
not satisfy (devil's advocate/power monger inside).
Immediately a pocketPC comes to mind (wince), 
quickly followed by keyboard (or lack thereof) and so 
I move to the sub-sub-notebook (for less than $1K) arena.

This brings me to my topic.

What other VERY small computing options are out there?
Which ones are known to be good with Linux?
Does anyone have any experience with said devices? 

David Holshouser
Engineer I
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
(303)939-5085  dholshou at ball.com  

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