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Deva Samartha blug-receive at mtbwr.net
Thu Mar 1 19:16:20 MST 2001

After seeing a Palm Pilot and a Psion side by side, I was not able to 
befriend myself with anything lacking a keyboard, Windows CE (HP Jordana ?) 
was not an option and I ended up with a Psion Series 5 about 2 years ago or 
so. Currently, I am using a Psion Revo which lacks some of the features of 
the 5 but fits in a pocket and does it's job very well.

It runs Epoc OS which is  multitasking but of cause, proprietary and mostly 
sitting in ROM and has basic things - spreadsheet, word procesor....

I am sure somebody was able to port Linux to a Psion at some point but what 
kind of applications are available - I dunno.

It can do NFS (kind of) file sharing with Linux over serial cable (I got it 
to work on the Series 5 with file conversion to and from Psion native 
database format for an aplication) but I use the software which came with 
it (M$oft platform) for backups.

To have real computing power with low power consumption, maybe Transmeta 
needs to be the CPU supplier.

The Series 5 runs for long time on 2 AA batteries, the Revo has a battery 
builtin.  The Revo nuns $ .3 k and the Series 5 around $ .5k.

Maybe it helps?


At 05:27 PM 3/1/01 -0700, you wrote:

>I'm starting to think about buying myself a PDA of somekind.
>After two minutes of thought, I start figuring that a Palm may
>not satisfy (devil's advocate/power monger inside).
>Immediately a pocketPC comes to mind (wince),
>quickly followed by keyboard (or lack thereof) and so
>I move to the sub-sub-notebook (for less than $1K) arena.
>This brings me to my topic.
>What other VERY small computing options are out there?
>Which ones are known to be good with Linux?
>Does anyone have any experience with said devices?
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