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Timothy Klein teece at silverklein.net
Thu Mar 1 23:47:24 MST 2001

I use a Visor and really like it.  Does fine with Linux.

However, if you want more power, I have heard that the Compaq Ipaq can
run Linux (even with some very limited support from Compaq?).  Also, the
Yopy (Samsung?) is totally Linux based, but I am not sure one can buy it
yet.  There was also that homegrown open PDA project that was on the
list a while ago.  (Or was that the CLUE list, hmm?  I must be tired, I
can't remember anything).



* Holshouser, David (dholshou at ball.com) wrote:
> I'm starting to think about buying myself a PDA of somekind.
> After two minutes of thought, I start figuring that a Palm may 
> not satisfy (devil's advocate/power monger inside).
> Immediately a pocketPC comes to mind (wince), 
> quickly followed by keyboard (or lack thereof) and so 
> I move to the sub-sub-notebook (for less than $1K) arena.
> This brings me to my topic.
> What other VERY small computing options are out there?
> Which ones are known to be good with Linux?
> Does anyone have any experience with said devices? 
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