[lug] VISOR (was "pda")

Hugh Brown hugh at vecna.com
Fri Mar 2 05:36:57 MST 2001

I am using a visor deluxe with a serial cradle and jpilot/pilot-link and it
works superbly


"charles at lunarmedia.net"
> using a visor, are you using a usb cradle or serial?
> i have a visor deluxe and use a usb cradle. i can connect well to the
> visor using coldsync when no data is present, however as soon as i restore
> a large amount of data to the visor from a windows box and try to then
> back it up on the linux machine, all hell breaks loose. the backup will
> fail completely and coldsync will quit.
> i am running:
> [~] Yes, my master? >coldsync -V
> coldsync version 1.4.6
> i can't for the life of me get kpilot to run with a visor running usb. may
> i ask what software you're running for backup and the cradle style you're
> using?
> thanks! -cjm

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