[lug] VISOR (was "pda")

Timothy Klein teece at silverklein.net
Fri Mar 2 08:54:31 MST 2001

The bug that Greg knew about was fixed in (I think) 2.2.18, and
2.3.99pre12 or something.  So it should not be present in the 2.4.1
kernel.  However, I have experienced the strange problems I have had on
2.4.0, and I know of no big changes in recent kernels.  From what I have
read on the usbvisor list, many people are syncing fine with the USB
cradle.  At least one that I know of can sync with coldsync, but not
pilot-link.  It also seems that their might be a hardware issue, because
the 1 person I talked with who had to use coldsync was, like me, running
and Athlon on a Via chipset.

So, in brief, I think there may be bug(s) in the driver.  But I have not
taken the time to research it extensively, so I could be wrong.  Hence
my use of the serial cradle.  Slow, but works like a charm ;-)

The usbvisor lists are:
	usbvisor-announce at lists.sourceforge.net
	usbvisor-devel at lists.sourceforge.net

Both have been very quiet recently, though.


* charles at lunarmedia.net (charles at lunarmedia.net) wrote:
> >
> > Are you using the most current kernel?  If you are not running 2.4.x, I
> > would consider giving a try if you can.  I think 2.2.18 is ok as well.
> > Anything else has a bug that Greg Kroah, the driver writer, was unable
> > to find for the longest time.  This bug caused problems on large file
> > transfers.
> >
> 	this is interesting, because it does sound *exactly* like what
> 	is occurring to me. I am using 2.4.1 as my kernel. Do you happen
> 	to know if the bug you're speaking of is present in it?
> 	thanks! -cjm
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