[lug] locale problem...

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Fri Mar 2 10:32:25 MST 2001

>>>>> "Luke" == "S Luke Jones" <luke at frii.com> writes:

Luke> The way I fixed the locale problem was by installing the
Luke> glibc-common rpm. For some reason RH7 (or more accurately KRUD,
Luke> although I don't want to cast stones) doesn't install that by
Luke> default any more. You need it because it handles all the locale
Luke> stuff. 

yeah...looks like what happened is this:

- There didn't use to be a glibc-common package. It was all in the
main glibc package. 

- redhat came out with an update for glibc with the new package. 

- I added in the updated glibc, and added the new package
(glibc-common) to just krud extras (since it was a new package, not an
upgrade or so my script said). 

So, this should be fixed (not in the march one but the april one). I
just need to make sure it ads it in...it's strange and anoying that
there is not a dependency on glibc-common from the other glibc
packages. Oh well. ;) 


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