[lug] Cutting and Pasting..

lpotter ljp at llornkcor.com
Fri Mar 2 19:36:45 MST 2001

>Say I cut something out of Opera using CTRL-C.  I then want to paste it
>into netscape composer using ALT-V. The problem though is that what I
>cut out of Opera is not being pasted into Netscape.  Instead something
>I cut yesterday is being placed into Netscape.   I can't even get these
>two applications to talk to each other when cutting and pasting.
>To me this is very poor and unacceptable.  As I said, I would not mind
>answers, but as I see it any solution is simply a workaround to the

ugggh. Netscape's use of its clipboard is a real pain. Always has been.
For the most part, if you use gnome, or kde, they have clipboard use built 
in. Of course,
Netscape is outside of the scope of it. I haven't found any solution to 
netscape clipboard crappola, in the 4 years I have used linux.
Sometime, when I REALLY need to use a link in netscape, I end up writing a 
quick html link, or paste it into an emacs buffer, and use browse-url
to send it into netscape. But that is for navigating to a  link. I dont use 
netscape composer at all. I use emacs.
I think mozilla's clipboard is compatible.
Netscape is like this fringe application, that you just gotta use, because 
its the only browser that handles the web most consistantly.
But it doesn't talk to other clipboards.
At least there are a few browsers that are finally doing an ok job 
rendering. Mozilla is just too slow, Opera has come along way. and find 
myself using that more and more.


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