[lug] LNE100TX AGAIN

Ryan Kirkpatrick linux at rkirkpat.net
Fri Mar 2 21:28:46 MST 2001

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Young, Ed wrote:

> To run it in the 2.2.x series you need a different tulip driver. The Linux
> driver is shipped with the card on it's driver disks but if you don't have
> those I can get it to ya. Then you just need to swap the file with
> /usr/src/linux/drivers/net/tulip.c and then recompile. 

	I can verify that this works, though I just compiled the drivers
on the drivers disk as seperate modules and then loaded them that way. I
did seem to have a few problem with a linuxmodversion.h include file not
being found in a few 2.2.x versions. 
	The good news is that 2.2.19pre13's tulip.c works out of the box
with this card (don't need the drivers on the disk). I have also found
that this kernel rev is plenty stable as well, at least on the SMP box the
NIC is in. :)

	PS. Kind of weird feeling finding working Linux drivers on a
bundled driver disk for a NIC. :)

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