[lug] VISOR (was "pda")

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Sat Mar 3 05:29:15 MST 2001

what do you link /dev/pilot to?


>         I am using a Visor with the USB cable/cradle with a TP240 running
> Debian 2.2 without any problems at all. I am using the jpilot and
> pilot-xfer that came with Debian 2.2, with only the kernel upgraded to
> 2.2.18. I think a lot of the problems with Linux<-USB->Visor communication
> is in the kernel support for the specific USB chipset being used. Some
> seem to work better than others. Until I upgraded to 2.2.18, the
> communication was very flaky and basically unusable, especially after
> multiple suspend-resume events (an added complication to the setup :).
>         Also, I never got coldsync to work, even though every on the net I
> read that no one can get pilot-xfer to work with the Visor, but can with
> coldsync. Have you tried pilot-xfer? Otherwise, investing in a serial
> cradle would probably be the simplest solution.
>         Anyway, my two cents.

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