[lug] Path problems continued...

KELLEY SCOTT T kelleys at ucsu.colorado.edu
Sat Mar 3 05:51:25 MST 2001

Chip wrote:

>You never mention it, but does the file arb_ntree exist in the expected
>location?  Also, note the bin/bin.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that. The file arb_ntree does exist in the
expected location. The bin/bin is strange, but apparently this is a real
directory that has been created. 

I will trying adding one new path that was suggested and checking the
permissions on the directories is an excellent suggestion that someone
else made.

Thanks for the advice and if anything else comes to mind you know where to
find me. -Scott

P.S. Anyone attending the Python conference? I'll be going - my brother is
giving a tutorial on the PyGTK toolkit...

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