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Timothy Klein teece at silverklein.net
Sun Mar 4 13:18:21 MST 2001

Hey all,

I just decided to insert a copyright symbol (c) into a source file I was
editing, rather than type out 'copyright.'  I found out that, to insert
that character (ASCII/ISO 169 or something like that) in Vim, one types
Ctrl-V followed by the decimal ASCII code.

But this has got me wondering:  does the Linux console, or X, have any
generalized way to enter characters that are not on your
keyboard?  Or are we stuck with a program by program approach. (Indeed, if
any such technique exists in a given program).  I recall from my Windows
days (only half remembered now, and then only in nightmares ;-) that M$
provides that little keyboard app for this, as well as some
Crtl-Something sequence followed by the ASCII decimal code.  These
seemed to work in most places.  Does such exist for Linux?  If not,
we'll just have to implement it!

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