[lug] What I really want ...

lpotter ljp at llornkcor.com
Mon Mar 12 18:46:51 MST 2001

What I really want, is an easy way to change screen resolutions ( I hate to 
say it, but some 'windowsisms' are just plain handy, like right clicking on 
the 'desktop' to get to the change the screen resolution dialog) OR, for 
the linux distrib, to stop using non default config places, so when I edit 
the usual damn config file, the change actually takes place, as expected. I 
don't know why, but I had the most difficult time trying to get X to 1024. 
Didn't happen in the usual place, with the usual XF86Config file. In fact, 
I gave up after I renamed /etc/XF86Config, and X still started. I ended up 
uninstalling the SuSE7 xfree86 3 package, and reinstalled xfree86 4 from 
the good ol' tarballs.
now... to get those pretty fonts working.

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