[lug] /etc/X11 [was Re: What I really want ...]

S. Luke Jones luke at frii.com
Tue Mar 13 08:24:40 MST 2001

Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> According to the XF86Config man page, the location of the config file is:
>            [...]
> /etc/X11 is the default place to put them in recent RedHats.  That's
> probably why your changes weren't taking place.

Since you bring it up, do you know why RedHat puts (a symlink to) the X
server in /etc/X11? (Or, for that matter, why it puts (a symlink to) the
apache module .so's in /etc/httpd?) The FHS says no binaries under /etc
and I guess a symlink isn't a binary but depending on the tool you use,
it can be dereferenced and appear to be a regular file.

It isn't a big deal. It's a minor deal, though, because when I make a
backup of /etc I have to take precautions to get some symlinks (all the
/etc/rc.d stuff) but not all (the aforementioned X server and .so's).

Luke Jones  luke vortex frii fullstop com

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