[lug] What I really want ...

lpotter lpotter at peakpeak.com
Tue Mar 13 14:08:56 MST 2001

>         I've found, in my meager experience, that if <ctrl>-<alt>-+ didn't 
>work, it was because the x server didn't think that any of the other video 
>modes were acceptable, for some reason.
>         I've always ended up setting the resolution during the 
>configuration and leaving it.

Me, too. But for some odd reason, I guess X didn't like 1024, and instead always used 800..
or maybe it was finding one of the several config files I found laying about the place.
The only reason I found out, is because I added a little screen resolution function in one of my programs, that printf the 
res. I thought there was something odd about the extra large icons and fonts. DOH
So, I installed XFree86 v4, and all is back to normalicy.

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