[lug] Re: Virtual Hosting

SoloCDM deedsmis at aculink.net
Wed Mar 14 05:46:47 MST 2001

Nate Duehr stated the following:
> In BIND you just set up zone files for your different DNS zones and point them
> all at the same IP address if you're doing Virtual Hosting.  I'm not sure what
> your question is.  (?)  There's no special configuration for DNS when doing
> virtual hosting other than the oddball *.domainname.com syntax if
> your "machine" names change in your code that publishes pages...
> Quoting SoloCDM <deedsmis at aculink.net>:
> > I know how to do Apache, Sendmail, ..., but where is the documentation
> > for Virtual Hosting for DNS & BIND to create the file that holds all
> > the virtual hosts (aliases) directed back at the server.  If any
> > additional information, links, pages (possibly DNS & BIND) is
> > necessary, please be sure to include them.  Thanks!

It was my understanding that all the virtual hosts are listed in one
file and that file is pointed back to the server IP.  Maybe it
involves the $INCLUDE directive?

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