[lug] JServ wrapper.bin

Anne George ageorge at goldsys.com
Wed Mar 14 06:55:49 MST 2001

First of all, Thanks very much for the feedback to my previous mails. It has
been invaluable! 
There is some wierd stuff going on with my JServ app server. I'm trying to
NOT use the default Kaffe stuff that came with the machine, so I installed
Sun's JDK1.2.2. 
1. Both of these work if I have the jserv.properties file set correctly. 
2. What is going on with these settings? I think wrapper.bin overrides the
wrapper.path if both are set. But what combo am 
I looking for? 
In jserv.properties: 
Works if... 
     wrapper.bin=/usr/bin/java (but this is picking up Kaffe...) 
    wrapper.path=/bin:/jdk1.2.2/jre/bin (this is Sun) 
Doesn't Work if... (Internal servlet error) 
    wrapper.bin=/jdk1.2.2/jre/bin/java (wierd?) 
3. In an archive blug mail file, I saw the following, but I cannot find
where to set the JAVA_HOME & LD_LIBRARY_PATH. 
Does this apply to my setup? 
With latest JDK1.2.2 I don't think you need CLASSPATH on Linux.
If you want you can set it to JAVA_HOME/bin setenv CLASSPATH
Don't forget to set setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH
.:/local/lib:/usr/lib:/usr/lib/X11:/usr/local/lib Don't forget to set your
In httpd.conf, ServerName= (but also works w/ localhost, or my
server name) 
I started/stopped the server after each change, and constantly reloaded the
browsers and cleared browser caches. 
I have RH6.2, and have my 98/laptop networked with my Linux box via a
crossover cable. (No DNS, using host files for now) 
I would try accessing the servlet from both machines. 
Verified that the java binary is in both /bin directories. 
There are two lines for the classpath -- 
Has anyone done this, or can someone point me to some documentation?


Anne George
ageorge at goldsys.com

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