[lug] Printing

Shannon Johnston nunar at iws.net
Wed Mar 14 12:18:47 MST 2001

I'm running a RH 7 desktop.
I've run the printtool and it's initial auto-detection detected the device
on /dev/lp0. I add the printer and when I select the test, the only one
that works is the 'Print ASCII directly to port'
The ASCII & PostScript Test options return an error.

'Error printing test page to queue lp

 Error reason: lpr: unable to print file: The requested resource is
currently unavailable on this server.'

I'm not sure how to make the resource available.


On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Nate Duehr wrote:

> If your distribution has it (and you're running with X turned on) 
> RedHat's printtool seems easier than most tools or setting up printcap 
> files by hand.
> It's not 100% intuitive, but we can help here on the list if you need it.
> You need to specify exactly what kind of LaserJet printer.  It has 
> filters for many older models and most can be used for modern LaserJet's 
> also.  I've found that the LaserJet 4/5/6 driver for Ghostscript (the 
> program that printtool is actually setting up "underneath") usually 
> product some kind of output on almost any modern LaserJet, as long as 
> it's not one of the "Windows printers" that require special software.
> You also need the correct kernel modules loaded to access the parallel 
> port on your machine if that's what you mean by "local".  (i.e. Not a 
> network printer or print server.)
> When faced with a new printer I've never set up in printtool, I find 
> that the "reload lpd" and "test" menus get used a LOT for a few minutes 
> until I find something that has reasonable output.  :-)
> Nate
> Shannon Johnston wrote:
> > What's the quickest, easiest way to setup a local HP Laserjet printer?
> > 
> > Shannon
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