[lug] Virtual Hosting

Justin glow at jackmoves.com
Wed Mar 14 11:38:11 MST 2001

That's what I do also. Just have individual zone files for each virtual 
host, and keep the A record the same ip address. Works fine for what 
I'm doing (apache virtual hosting).


> In BIND you just set up zone files for your different DNS zones and 
point them 
> all at the same IP address if you're doing Virtual Hosting.  I'm not 
sure what 
> your question is.  (?)  There's no special configuration for DNS when 
> virtual hosting other than the oddball *.domainname.com syntax if 
> your "machine" names change in your code that publishes pages...
> Quoting SoloCDM <deedsmis at aculink.net>:
> > I know how to do Apache, Sendmail, ..., but where is the 
> > for Virtual Hosting for DNS & BIND to create the file that holds all
> > the virtual hosts (aliases) directed back at the server.  If any
> > additional information, links, pages (possibly DNS & BIND) is
> > necessary, please be sure to include them.  Thanks!
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