[lug] Re: Virtual Hosting

Justin glow at jackmoves.com
Wed Mar 14 11:48:53 MST 2001

In BIND 8.2.x the only file that relates to what you're talking about 
is your reverse zone file. It's the file that maps the ip's back to 
specific A record host names. As far as virtual hosting I don't believe 
you can have a file like this for virtual use. After all, virtual hosts 
don't really have their own ip address, they map back to another 
machines A record ip address. Which, in turn, that ip address must 
reverse lookup to it's respective host as defined by that A record. I 
think this stuff is in a BIND RFC somewhere, but I'm sure. I also may 
be way off here, but this has been my understanding since I can 


> It was my understanding that all the virtual hosts are listed in one
> file and that file is pointed back to the server IP.  Maybe it
> involves the $INCLUDE directive?
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