[lug] Perl question

KELLEY SCOTT T kelleys at ucsu.colorado.edu
Wed Mar 14 17:07:27 MST 2001

Since I can't get Python to work on a Unix box (gunzip won't even
uncompress the python .gz and there is not much Unix support for Python),
I've been forced to program in Perl. Unfortunately, my Perl is rusty and I
have completely forgotten how to do simple tasks.

All I want to do is check whether some file names have been entered on the
command line, and if not ask the user for the filenames. The name of the
perl script is "blastem" so execution would look like this:

>blastem [filename1] [filename2]

or this


Also I forget how to convert from strings to ints (e.g. '3' to 3).

If you can refresh my memory, I would be grateful.

Thanks for your help in advance! -Scott

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