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Ken Kinder ken at kenkinder.com
Wed Mar 14 17:33:38 MST 2001

First of all, use Python. It's better, and you probably have a bad archive.
Get the latest from python.org. There's never a good reason not to use
Python. :)

Your questions:

@ARGV I think stores those arguments, and strings and ints aren't
converted -- Perl dynamicly types them -- they are both scalar.

On Wed, Mar 14, 2001 at 05:07:27PM -0700, KELLEY SCOTT T wrote:
> Since I can't get Python to work on a Unix box (gunzip won't even
> uncompress the python .gz and there is not much Unix support for Python),
> I've been forced to program in Perl. Unfortunately, my Perl is rusty and I
> have completely forgotten how to do simple tasks.
> All I want to do is check whether some file names have been entered on the
> command line, and if not ask the user for the filenames. The name of the
> perl script is "blastem" so execution would look like this:
> >blastem [filename1] [filename2]
> or this
> >blastem
> Also I forget how to convert from strings to ints (e.g. '3' to 3).
> If you can refresh my memory, I would be grateful.
> Thanks for your help in advance! -Scott
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