[lug] FUD -- Big time....

John Starkey jstarkey at advancecreations.com
Wed Mar 14 21:14:56 MST 2001

I followed a link from a Solaris Discussion Board to the Solaris vs.
Windoze 2000 pages, then out of curiosity I did a search on Microsoft
for Linux...... first page i see contains this:

A Noticeably More Stable, Robust Platform
According to Fenley, the stability of Windows 2000 is a marked
improvement. "With Linux, we had to restart our servers on an average of
once every week or two," says Fenley. "But now, we haven’t had to
restart our servers running Windows 2000 for several months. Problems
with restarting computers or computers freezing up have been completely

Sounds like a group of MCSEs..... "what's wrong???" .... "I added a Zone
file and it don't work" ..... " try a reboot".

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