[lug] CVS advice...

Archer Sully archer at meer.net
Wed Mar 14 21:17:36 MST 2001

Alan Robertson wrote:
> My inclination would be to create the stable branch for 0.4.9, because I
> think there is far less likelyhood of mistakes that way than if I do it the
> other way.  With any luck, I won't need to put out any delta releases
> against 0.4.9 until we get the tree stabilized again.
> Anyone have any advice / experience on this topic?

Your inclination seems to me to be the best course.  In fact, I would go
so far as to say that its SOP at many shops:  create a branch for a stable
release that will take patches for that release, and nothing else, while
letting development continue on the main branch.  The problems occur when
you have two development branches, as my company has had for the past year ;-(.

Archer Sully
Boulder, CO

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