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Ken Weinert kenw at ihs.com
Thu Mar 15 09:07:08 MST 2001

* J. Wayde Allen (wallen at lug.boulder.co.us) [010315 00:56]:
> On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Terry Branaman wrote:
> > I don't know if this has been covered before, I don't remember seeing
> > anything about it.
> Oh this pops up from time to time.
> > I would like to use my Linux box at home to retrieve my email from various
> > POP3 accounts (including the one through my ISP and one at work)
> I'd recommend you take a look at fetchmail.  This works well for my home
> machine, and as I recall you can set the .fetchmailrc file to POP from
> more than one server.

	You might want to take a look at getmail instead. Fetchmail
almost always works, but when I went to @Home service it stopped working
- it would no longer remember which messages it had already retrieved,
so it always retrieved every mail every time. Under earthlink it had
worked fine.

	I don't know what the difference is in the way the two services
work, but getmail has been pretty reliable for me.

	Note that if you are always retrieving to your home network and
deleting from the server that this consideration might not be important
for you. Both of them can be set up to retrieve from multiple accounts
without any problem.

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