[lug] FUD -- Big time....

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Thu Mar 15 11:53:40 MST 2001

Your clock's out of whack...

              Tue, 02 Jun 1992 07:34:20 -0600

lpotter wrote:
> >
> >
> >DOS is out the window. The Blue Screen of Death is gone. And I just installed
> >ME three times in 24 hours and it still had to reboot 3 times/install but
> >that's better than after every driver config with other versions (and much
> >worse than one reboot per linux kernel install)....
> Win2k is a little better in the reboot deptartment. I can actually change
> my ip address w/o rebooting!
> But you can forget about not reinstalling if you change the boot drive.
> The big problem is that MS has indeed made rebooting a machine a common,
> and needed function.
> I cant fathom why it needs to reboot just to install a damn program! (I
> know why, but it could be done differently) Actually, I've gotten into the
> habit of NOT rebooting it, if the program can actually function before the
> appointed reboot. Alot of time, there is no real need to.
> Another thing thats made my windows experience more tolerable, is using the
> open source, GLP'd  litestep shell, with a highly customized BarQNX theme.
> My SuSE 7 install(s) didnt even have to reboot, once! As it should be....
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