[lug] card detected but no eth1

Atkinson, Chip CAtkinson at Circadence.com
Thu Mar 15 14:30:48 MST 2001

Do you have eth0 and eth1 set up in /etc/conf.modules?  That's usually a
good second step.  The first step being to check if the thing is found.  Did
you also do a modprobe for the card?  If you have two of the same card you
will have to specify which card is which through some parameters.


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> Subject: [lug] card detected but no eth1
> I've been wrestling with this a couple days now and can't find the
> problem. I installed a Netgear EA201 NIC and have had it 
> working in the
> past. But haven't used it in about 8 months.
> dmesg is showing that the card is detected and echos the cards full
> name. I've got it configed as a PNP. And the kernel is seeing it with
> isapnp. setserial says it's there and shows the correct IRQ.
> /proc/interrupts does the same, but only saying it's serial, 
> not giving
> it a device name. I can't get an eth1. Says "card not found", with
> ifconfig. The IRQ isn't being used without the card in the 
> slot. It's on
> ttyS1 and I've tried setting S3 to make sure there aren't any 
> conflicts
> undetected by PNP but there is nothing in ttyS3 to begin with.
> Anyone know where else I could look?
> Thanks,
> John
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