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Thu Mar 15 14:36:05 MST 2001

tummy.com, ltd. will be exhibiting and presenting at the Premier
Linux show in Colorado, The Colorado Linux Info Quest (theCLIQ).
We're proud to be a lead sponsor of this event.

TheCLIQ is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization dedicated to
showcasing the Colorado Linux and Open Source community.

For the second year, Linux and Open Source businesses and projects
from the region will be showcased through a first-class line up 
of speakers, demonstrations, exhibits and BOFs (Birds of a Feather 

Sean Reifschneider of tummy.com, in addition to being one of the 
primary event coordinators, will be leading the Python BOF.
Last year's event was very well attended. This year he will be presenting
his work on the Python archiving system, swalow.

Kevin Fenzi of tummy.com, and co-author of the Linux Security HOWTO
and the upcoming O'Reilly book _Linux Firewalls_, will be leading a 
Security BOF. We're looking forward to a discussion of the changes in 
firewalling methods in the new kernels.

We'll be offering drawings for KRUD subscriptions at our booth, 
and all of the tummy.com team will be available during the day for
questions. We're looking forward to seeing you there.

More information about the event is in the attached press release.
Note that the last day to register for a discounted room at the
hosting hotel is today, March 15.

Evelyn Mitchell CEO
tummy.com, ltd.
efm at tummy.com

Colorado Linux Info Quest - CLIQ

CLIQ 2001 Signs David L. Sifry, CTO of Linuxcare, as keynote speaker along
with new corporate sponsor Hewlett Packard

Sifry and HP join with corporate sponsors tummy.com, LWN.net, SGI, and
Compaq, advertising sponsors Linux Journal and Linux Magazine, area Linux
user groups, and a host of talented and well known speakers to host the
Rocky Mountain regions premiere Linux conference and exhibit.

Denver, CO (March 1, 2001) -- The Colorado Linux Info Quest (CLIQ) board of
directors is pleased to announce the signing of David L. Sifry, Chief
Technology Officer of Linuxcare, as our keynote speaker. Sifry brings his
technical expertise, engaging personality and survival instincts from a
company that has beaten the odds to become a top tier provider of software
and services for the Linux industry.

Along with Sifry, CLIQ is proud to announce the signing of their fifth top
level sponsor for this event: Hewlett Packard. Located in Ft. Collins, HP's
Linux Development Center is the focus of all Linux development for this
technology giant.

"I'm honored that CLIQ has asked me to keynote," noted Sifry in an email
interview. "CLIQ is known for its high quality speakers and interesting
attendees. Events like this show that even with the massive increase in
corporate interest of Linux and open-source software, many of the major
innovations are still coming out of the grass-roots community that gave
birth to this movement, and that the revolution is not only alive, but it is

Alan Meyer, R&D Manager for Linux Kernel Development in the Linux Systems
Operation of Hewlett Packard says HP is pleased to be a top level sponsor
for this year's event.

"There is a tremendous amount of Linux activity within Colorado, and CLIQ is
playing a vital role in creating a local forum for sharing information. With
HP's Linux Systems Operation based in Fort Collins, we are pleased to
support the efforts of CLIQ, and look forward to participating in the 2001

In another recent news, CLIQ 2001 sponsor Compaq has announced that they
will be demonstration a Proliant/Linux high availability Steeleye Cluster in
their booth (Booth A1, at the front door of the exhibit). Stop by and see a
Linux cluster at work! Compaq is also providing flat-panel client systems
and an Alpha server for use with the CLIQ designed and built exhibitor and
attendee registration system.

Hotel discount deadline looms

The Denver Marriott Tech Center has given us a March 15th deadline for
attendees to get the $79/night discount for CLIQ 2001. If you plan on
staying at the hotel you'll need to make your reservations before March
15th. Call the Marriott reservations center at 303-779-1100, tell them that
you will be attending the Colorado Linux Info Quest and ask for the $79
discount rate.

CLIQ 2001 Speaker Lineup

This years event includes noted speakers such as Scott Draeker of Loki
Entertainment Software, Andy Hertzfeld of Eazel, Havoc Pennington of Red Hat
and the GNOME Foundation, Kurt Granroth of KDE and John Lasser, author of
the book "Think Unix." One of the major events of the show this year will be
the Desktop Panel discussion, where representatives from GNOME, KDE, Eazel,
Linuxcare, and XFree86/VA Linux will talk about the present and future of
the Linux desktop as well as take questions from the audience.

The current set of invited talks includes the following:

      Keynote David A. Sifry, CTO of Linuxcare.

      Bio: David Sifry, Linuxcare co-founder, is a recognized expert on
      open-source development and the Linux operating system. Himself an
      open-source developer, Sifry has contributed code to such projects as
      GNU Emacs, Majordomo, packetrace, jitterbug, and to the Linux kernel
      itself. In addition, he managed the development of SecureVPS, an
      open-source virtual private networking server for Linux. He is
      currently the architect and lead developer of GCTP, the Group
      Calendaring Transport Protocol, and OpenFlock, an open-source
      implementation of a GCTP server. His service to the Linux community
      includes membership on the Board of Directors of Linux International
      and the vice-presidency of the Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG). He
      has served as an advisor on free software matters for companies
      including Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and IBM.

    * Business Track

        1. Commercially-developed games -- Scott Draeker, Co-founder and CEO
           of Loki Entertainment Software

        2. The State of Embedded Linux, Rick Lehrbaum, Founder,

                2000 will probably be remembered as the year Linux
                became known for being the fastest growing operating
                system for servers -- threatening Microsoft's position
                in the enterprise market. 2001, on the other hand, may
                well be the year Linux finds its way into thousands of
                embedded systems and intelligent products, challenging
                the established order in the embedded software market.
                In this talk, Rick Lehrbaum will explain why Linux is
                ideal for embedded applications, give some examples of
                "cool devices" with Linux inside, review the results of
                recent market surveys conducted by LinuxDevices.com,
                and make some predictions about the growth of Embedded
                Linux over the next few years.

           Bio: Rick Lehrbaum created the LinuxDevices.com "embedded Linux
           portal", which is now part of the ZDNet Linux Resource Center.
           Rick has worked in the field of embedded systems since 1979. He
           co-founded Ampro Computers, founded the PC/104 Consortium, and
           was instrumental in launching the Embedded Linux Consortium.

        3. Return on Investment in the Open Source Movement, Patrick
           Lannigan, VP of Business Development, NuSphere

           Bio: Patrick has 20 years experience in the computer industry and
           has worked for Oracle, Powersoft/Sybase, InSystems, AT&T and
           Concurrent Computer Corporation, in a variety of capacities
           including technical support, pre-sales, sales, teaching,
           marketing and business development. Prior to joining NuSphere,
           Patrick Lannigan was the Director of Business Development for
           Progress Software, focused on merger and acquisition
           opportunities. Patrick first joined Progress in 1990. Since 1996
           Patrick has tracked the advancements of open source technologies
           such as Linux, Perl, Apache and PHP. It was the discovery and use
           of MySQL, however, that enabled him to form a complete vision for
           a business centered around open source technology that could also
           leverage the core competency of Progress Software.

    * Desktop Track

        1. Introduction to the Linux Command Line; Jon Lasser, author of
           "Think Unix".

                Although GNOME and KDE have made it easier to use
                Linux, the real power of Linux is in its command line.
                This talk will introduce the basics of the Linux
                command line and provide a tantalizing taste of its
                possibilities. Topics covered will include a brief
                introduction to 'man pages,' the standard Unix
                documentation; navigating the command line; and
                redirection and pipes.

           Bio: Jon Lasser is Senior Systems Administrator at
           SkyNetWEB-Affinity, columnist for Web Hosting magazine, and the
           author of Think Unix (2000, Que), an introduction to Linux and
           Unix for power users. He has been involved with Linux and Unix
           since 1993 and is lead coordinator for the Bastille Linux
           project. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife Kathleen
           and their three cats. See the Slashdot review of Jon's text.

        2. Panel discussion on the Linux desktop; An open-floor discussion
           on the state of the Linux desktop: where is it, where is it
           headed, what's missing, and what's cool. Panelists include:
             1. Andy Hertzfeld, Software Wizard and Cofounder of Eazel, Inc.
                (or possibly another Eazel representative)
             2. Havoc Pennington, GNOME Foundation Chair who works at Red
                Hat and is one of the lead developers for the GNOME and GTK+
             3. Daryll Strauss, Multimedia and Graphics Engineering Practice
                Lead at VA Linux Systems
             4. Kurt Granroth, KDE Core Developer/Evangelist, SuSE Labs
             5. Dave Desrosiers, Linuxcare

        3. An Introduction to the GNOME and KDE Desktops; Havoc Pennington,
           GNOME Foundation and Kurt Granroth, KDE

           Bios: Havoc Pennington is the Chair of the GNOME Foundation Board
           of Directors and a long-time contributor to the GNOME Project. He
           maintains the GConf configuration library and currently spends
           most of his time hacking on the GTK+ GUI toolkit. Havoc is the
           author of the book "GTK+/GNOME Application Development" and works
           as a developer for Red Hat, Inc.

           Kurt Granroth is a KDE Core Developer and a long time Linux user.
           He is responsible for doing anything that needs to be done to
           ensure that is KDE the best application development platform in
           the world. His job as an Open Source developer for the SuSE Labs
           gives him the freedom to do just that. These tasks range from
           being president of KDE e.V. and organizing the KDE League to
           press interviews and contacts to library and core infrastructure
           development to website development and everything in between.
           Kurt has been a Linux user since 1994 and graduated from Michigan
           Technological University with a BSCS.

    * Development Track

        1. Porting Debian to PA-RISC and IA-64; Bdale Garbee, Debian

                Porting Linux to a new CPU architecture is an
                interesting mix of exasperation and the joy of
                discovery. To deliver a complete distribution requires
                effort in each of the kernel, toolchain, and
                application development spaces. This talk will provide
                an overview of the process, then compare and contrast
                Debian's ongoing efforts with PA-RISC and IA-64. Along
                the way, unique tools and processes Debian uses to
                maintain more actively supported architectures than any
                other Linux distribution will be explored.

           Bio: By day, Bdale Garbee manages a team at Agilent Technologies
           that architects and maintains technical computing infrastructure
           used by R&D and Manufacturing engineers who build electronic test
           and measurement instruments. Outside of Agilent, he builds pieces
           of amateur radio satellites, and is a long-time contributor to
           the Free Software community.

           Bdale has been a developer of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution
           since 1995. In addition to maintaining a large number of
           packages, he has helped port Debian to five non-i386
           architectures, most recently PA-RISC and IA-64. Married with two
           children, he also has a growing interest in making Debian more
           successful as a computing environment for young learners.

        2. Languages/Web Development: Paul Everitt, CEO of Digital
           Creations, will speak on either Open Source Content Management or
           the Zope Web publishing package.

        3. Handhelds: Dave Desrosiers, Linuxcare, current maintainer of the
           Pilot Link software for syncing a Pilot with Linux desktop

The current set of Birds of a Feather Sessions includes the following:

  1. Linux Legislation BOF
  2. Linux LUG BOF: Kara Pritchard, LinuxUsersGroups.org
  3. Linux as an Enterprise Platform: Mission Critical Linux
  4. Linux Systems Administration: James Davis, Art Walker
  5. Zope BOF: Paul Everitt, CEO, Digital Creations (makers of Zope)
  6. Python: Sean Reifschneider, Co-Founder, tummy.com
  7. Open Source Development Laboratory: Tim Witham, OSDL Lab Director
  8. Debian: Bdale Garbee, Debian Developer
  9. GIMP: Michael J. Hammel, Senior Editor, LWN.net and author of GIMP for
 10. Web Professionals (coming from PTR)
 11. XFree86 and the Linux Desktop: Daryll Strauss, XFree86 team and VA
     Linux Systems
 12. Converting a business to Linux: John T. Taber, Ph.D., Tabermatics, Inc.
 13. High Availability: Alan Robertson, Linux High Availability Project
 14. PHP: Scott Marlow, IHS
 15. Jabber Instant Messaging: Brett Moses, Jabber.com

About CLIQ

Colorado Linux Info Quest, known as CLIQ to it's members, is a registered
non-profit organization in the state of Colorado. It is comprised of
volunteers from regional Linux user groups throughout the Colorado Front
Range. The aim of CLIQ is to assist both individual hobbyists and businesses
in the Rocky Mountain and Central US regions find answers to the question
"What can I do with Linux?"

CLIQ 2001 will be held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center on March 30th,
with "at the door" registration open on March 29th and 30th. The Denver
Marriott Tech Center is located just east of I-25 and Belleview Blvd. in the
Denver Tech Center. More information can be found on our web site at

Contact Information

CLIQ Chairman:

     Michael J. Hammel
     mjhammel at thecliq.org
     mjhammel at graphics-muse.org

CLIQ Vendor Contact:

     Kevin Cullis
     kcullis at thecliq.org

The CLIQ Web Site:


General Information and Questions:

     info at thecliq.org

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