[lug] source rpm dependencies

Riggs, Robert RRiggs at doubleclick.net
Thu Mar 15 16:46:00 MST 2001

Can you run the following command: "rpm -q --whatprovides /bin/sh"?
Does it return a /bin/sh provider?

My KRUD 7.0 box shows the following:
# rpm -q --whatprovides /bin/sh

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Subject: [lug] source rpm dependencies

I'm having problems on occasion with source rpm rebuilds. What happens
is that for one reason or another, rpm mistakenly believes some other
dependency is not met (it is usually wrong, most recently thinking I
didn't have "sh", but I have "bash"). Now I can add a --nodeps, but
apparently depencies are checked twice; once for the rebuild itself, and
then again for the completed binary rpm. So when it gets to the part
where it is supposed to build the binary rpm, it no longer knows it was
given --nodeps, and refuses to build it. I *really* want to tell it to
build that binary rpm no matter what it thinks it will depend on.
Although it is going on to my system, I can see that it would be useful
to create rpm's for other people on other systems, and it just irritates
me that I *must* not build a binary that has missing dependencies on my
local system. Does anyone here know a way to make it at least attempt to
build the binary rpm even if the resulting binary would lack
dependencies on the local machine? At the risk of repeating myself,
--nodeps will not do the job, it gets lost before the binary compile is
attempted. I see this as a logic bug in the rpm tool.

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