[lug] BLUG booth at theCLIQ

Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Thu Mar 15 18:11:36 MST 2001

BLUG was invited to prepare a booth at the second annual Colorado Linux
Info Quest (CLIQ).  We had a successful booth at this show last year and
are looking forward to prepare an even better presentation this year.

The sky is the limit as far as what BLUG can do at this show so...

- If you are interested please join the event mailing list at:

- Please suggest booth activities or demonstrations... Last year we
showed off GRASS on a PC, VMware on a laptop, and the BLUG web site on a
Sparc Classic.  If you have a cool open source project to demonstrate,
would like to show off your favorite Linux distro (maybe on some odd
hardware), or have other ideas please participate!

- This booth offers BLUG members the opportunity to talk to Linux
newbies and experts.  You will meet interesting folks and get a chance
to impress them with the capabilities of Linux (and convince them to use

- The CLIQ will provide us with 6 free tickets to the show floor and we
will need to maintain a staff of 3 members at our booth at any time.

Any and all of you are welcome to participate with this activity, with
preparation of the booth, as well with as staffing it.  You are also
welcome to only staff the booth or only help with preparations, whatever
you prefer.

We have 2 weeks to get ready for this event so let's get rolling and
show Colorado who BLUG is and what we do. 


Ferdinand Schmid
303-444-4149 x231

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